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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 15, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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are you a member of the privileged class? you get special breaks in life? then they give special breaks to certain companies. >> we'll all benefit from it. >> all benefit? no, all don't benefit. the privileged benefit. like members of congress when ig came to obamacare. >> is there any other large employer who gets the same treatment? >> the congressional provision only applies to congress. >> millions complained. >> but we'll be damned if we're going to lose our health insurance because of unintendedh consequences! >> somee unions got a special breaks and movie makers get a
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special break. >> michigan film tax break, keep it quiet. >> and movie stars and their kids. >> never let somebody tell youi you can't do something. >> rich farmers get special breaks. nascar track owners get special breaks. so do investors in certain kinds of energy. the privileged class. >> oh, my god! >> that's our show tonight. the reason that today for the first time most of american's richest counties surround washington, d.c washington is where you go if you want special privileges. that's where they dolele them o. as government grows, they haveoe more to dole out. washington is also where they say, we're all equal.wash we're all in this together. but when government is very big,
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that's a lot. george orwell understood when he wrote "animal farm". >> we are all equal. >> orwell was writing about communism, but the principles apply to america today.a government's central planning hurts everyone a little, but rewards people with connections. >> obviouslyly "animal farm" is suspect. the animals are no better off. with with the exception of the state. >> reporter: the pigs in "animal farm" were the political leadero and over time, they prospered a the other animals' expense. their slogan at least was morels honest than what our politicians say. >> some animals with more equal♪ than others. today the animals that are more equal are washington politicians and their cronies. or people who aren't crony, butt rich enough to lobby the cronies who get close to thenies
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politicians. that's how in the so-called fiscal cliff budget deal, hollywood film producers got a special break. nascar got $70 million to build new race tracks. algea got 60 million. multi national corporations got a $9 billion tax break. it was disguised in convoluted language. the active financing exception to sub part f. that's how washington works. ellis is a proud progressive who says it's right that ourp political leaders make some choices about who needs help.n many governors with america's tax reform says government should shrink, so it can't makei some animals more equal than ellis, you really want themo picking winners with all the trillion dollars they've given? >> let me see if i can unpack this a second time. if we're going to have government and laws, it is absolutely the case that some
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people will get some benefits in that. thato said, the impact that sai government has is tiny, is trivial compared to the impact that the market has, thatco heredity has, that the number of other fact -- if you want to be rich in this society, the best way is to be born that way. if you're not born that way, bes marry a rich person. if you don't marry a rich person, go into the market andb sell some goods and services a that people want. that will get rich a whole loto quicker than sucking up to government will. >> providing services somebody wants, that's fair.en but having government give it to you 'causes you know somebody isn't. >> well, but it's inevitable, john, that if we want government to do things for us, if we want roads and bridges and prisons d and a military and a safety net, someone, somewhere is going toe benefit from that. but you can't use that as ant excuse to not do important things for our society. >> mattie? >> we should have any roads, we should have the government involved, but the question is,h who is building the roads? can we do maybe a public-private
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partnership where taxpayers canp make their investment back rather than giving a contract away to unions who support the politician who is asking to roads?he those are the kinds of questioe we should be asking rather than saying, what's no road or no highway? >> keep government small, soernm fewer of the choices are in the hands of politicians. >> i agree. >> don't use some notion that well, there will be someone a little head and a little behind to make important choices for us. someone in my analogy will have to build that road and it mightn be your owned -- >> why nascar tracks? or motorcycle makers? >> i'm not going to defend every single taxax break. but at least in government, john, those decisions are being made by people when were elected by the people. >> that would be great if that were the case. look what happened with obamacare. he's these representatives we society supposedly sent to washington didn't read the law before it went into effect. the people making these
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decisions are bureaucrats. these aren't folks we have no accountability for. >> you bring up obamacare. it was supposed to treat us all equally. but surprise. members of congress got a special subsided. senator vittert grilled a health exchange director about this. >> is there any other large employer who gets the same treatment and gets to go to that exchange? >> the congressional provision only applies to congress. >> congress is the only large employer who gets that special treatment? >> it's a function of one of the provisions in the affordable care act. >> congress gets the special deal. republicans and democrats, we don't want to hurt our staff and treat them like the rest of the country. >> listen, i don't understand why you all are so fixated on this. i mean, to work with congress issues there are some benefits you get by being a government employee. most of those people can make a whole lot more money in the private sector. one of their benies is special break on health insurance. why do we need to be outraged
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about that? >> that's not how the law was written. the health care law was written is you are dumped off of your employer's health care insurance and put into the exchange. your employer doesn't get to give you any subsidies for your premium for your health care cost. that's just the deal and that's how it was written and the folko who wrote it should have to by abide by it. >> labor unions were supporters and after it passed and they read it and discovered, oh, som of husband have to pay more. >> the affordable care act is not fixed, and i believe it needs to be repealed. our health and welfare funds are under siege. but we'll be damned if we're going to lose our health insurance because of unintended consequences in the law and itti needs to be fixed now! >> and presto, a few months later unions were exempted from the thing they just complained about. but others have to pay.t. why is that fair? the >> this is how we fight things out in democratic society. some think oh, no, they're
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getting more than i am. but at least, it's not perfect. you're absolutely right, made. people have influence and some groups are smarter about maneuvering than others. some people have think tanksbou that help support them. but you know what?n in the end, at least we're doin this in some kind of playing field that's open to some sort of public debate. isn't that better? >> we're talking about obamacare here, which is already the law of the land, which is the phrase we've been hearing from the administration for months, if not years. but he gets to essentially play with the law however he wants. he gets to give these to unions. >> 451 waivers to unions. >> more than that, i think. not even the exemption on the fee we're talking about.. it's the capon health care benefits that some companies are subject to. unions went to the mattresses to get as much as they could out of the law to be exempt from it and really did quite well for themselves. >> want the irs examination? isn't that unfair?t
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picking on tea party groups? >> i think they're trying tot navigate through this supreme court decision that allows thest political groups that takes tax deduction when is they're actually doing political stuff. you know what?t i agree with you. let's get rid of that. let's make it clean. let's make all groups pay their fair share of taxes. >> does that include labor unions? >> absolutely. >> all right. >> all right. we can agree on that. be nice if the taxes were lower. certain investors get special privileges if they invest in what politicians call greenet s energy.. even after the solyndra debauchle, president obama toldt congress, you want more moneyyn given to certain companies to pay for research on new forms of energy. >> the private sector on its own will not invest in this research because it's too expensive. it's too risky. so we've got to support it. and we'll all benefit from it. >> we don't so much all benefit from it. certain people benefit. al gore he benefits. >> john, dream with me on this.
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wouldn't it be great if we had this renewable energy that didn't pollute anything? >> why have wewe gotten from tht investments in alternative energy? >> the president said exactlyyor what i think about thesee investments the government is make is that they're too risky for the private market. that's because the private market is not going to bear industries that aren't solvent or productive, that aren't b actually going to produce anything for consumers or for businesses. there is a reason for that. and there is a good reason for that, it's because research should be dedicated to industries and to intersurprises that are going to help america. not hinder it. >> every time industry solves one of these problems, government doesn't have to do it. these are the ones that the market is the -- yeah. let's get together and invest. >> so the markets fail, the industry hasn't invented the perfect energy form, but the taxpayer should fund bureaucrats to do it? >> it's better than giving it to the oil companies you talk about. at least you're wish me on that.
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>> i agree, we should have no subsidies. but the oil companies deliver! >> there is something extraordinarily different from handing solyndra $500 million check and allowing oil at the oil industry to deduct the president same thing that other manufacturers are allowed toing deduct. >> i'll tell youtu the differen. these are little growing companies. the oil companies are the most profitable corporate entities that man has ever known. they don't need it. these little growing guys do. >> look how sleazy the solyndra $500 million loss was. tulsa billionaire was a key obama backer. he raised about $100,000, made several visits to the whitees t house. this is the guy who is behind solyndra. >> i'm not defending solyndra. there are sleaze bags in everyn industry and they may be one of them. but let's don't give up thisvery idea of doing things to society that will make the world a better place. >> look at this list of
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companies that taxpayers paid for that have gone bankrupt. bound solar, a 123 systems, subsidiary, enter 1 range,ncl fuels, beacon and so one after the other that went broke. >> you look at all these, too. they have ties all back to a democratic administration. >> not all -- >> most of them do. in the most open, honest administration in history. >> it sounds terrible whend you read this list of thesele w companies that stumbled. in fact, i think if you look atm it in a broader context, failure rate of companies like this far less than in the private marketplace. not every investment succeeds, whether it be a government investment or private investment. but that doesn't mean we stop investing in our future. >> why should we have the government insuring that some of them succeed? s putting their thumb on the scale and say these little guys over here are somehow better than the
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other kind to gain traction that only have the private market to supply them with capital? >> in the end, we make judgments. you can't just throw up your hands and say, i'm not gog do anything. i want roads, a military, prisons and maybe welfare. >> we want all those things,th too. we just can do them better and cheaper. >> if we did all those things, most roads are local, that would be one 50th of the budget. i'm okay with that. >> good! >> good! dream with me. thrown just throw -- don't just throw it out. we're losing the debate. >> vote the rascals out. >> thank you. keep this conversation going on facebook or twitter. use that hash tag. let us know what you think. coming up -- privilege for movie makers. governments compete to offero special breaks to hollywood.
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ththe makers of this movie left america to get their privileges.
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declared a state of emergency as films leave for states with better financial
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incentives. >> a state of emergency 'cause film makers left?f emergencies used to be things like natural disasters. now it's a state of emergency when businesses flee an expensive state? i don't blame the movie makers. california has great weather, but it also has expensive unionc work rules and high taxes. so where should the movies producer go? well, the producers privileged 'cause movies are a sexy business and 42 states offer movie producers incentives if they'll film in that state. i think gavin palone would like that. he's a hollywood producer who produced tv shows like "curbuced young enthusiasm." also movies like "panic room" and" zombie land." so gavin, you're one of the privileged ones. i think you would like these rules. >> you think wrong. they're bad economics and unfair to taxpayers and i think they should be abolished.
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>> why? >> well, first of all, they don't make any economic sense. the incentives they provide return less on a per dollar basis than what they're putting out. so the state of rhode island did a study and they got back 28 cents for every dollar theyr spent. connecticut did a study that showed that they got back 8 cents for every dollar they spent. >> but they keep spending.k a few states have pulled back. the biggest credit used to be the state of michigan, 42%. but now they've cut that back to 27%. the current leaders are ohio, louisiana, georgia, north carolina. you've taken your crews to some of these places. >> absolutely. i have a responsibility to produce the best movie i can and to get movies going. often that means i have to take advantage of tax incentives. but i it's wrong. it needs to ends. >> look at this commercial that ran in michigan after people criticized michigan's film tax credit. >> there are those who say the michigan film tax credit only
2:20 pm
benefits hollywood. i have a few friends here who beg to differ. what it's really about is jobs. over 6,000 in the past two years alone. it's about people who dream of living and working in their home state who we can't afford to michigan film tax credit, keep it rolling.lo >> it's about people who dreamt of working this their home state, gavin! you want them oughlies theirse job? >> -- them to lose their job? ent should be funding specific industries. basically there are these incentives in 42 states, which e just really returns into 42 different solyndras all over the country. >> you're unusual in hollywood to hold these positions. do you have anyy friends? >> yeah. i feel like people do let you voice your opinion and nobody is going to really hold it against me. i seem to continue to work. >> we've been talking about the states competing against state. it's countries, too.
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the producer of "avatar," says there is no place in the world that we would make these sequels more cost effectively than new zealand and they're making all four movies based on one halfway around the world. >> yeah. i know john. he's great producer. if i were in his situation, i would do the same thing. but ultimately, it's unfair trade practices and what weg should do is abolish all of these trade practices here in the united states. not subsidize other industries that we currently do and then penalize countries like newthen zealand who are competing with us unfairly. let's get the rest of the world to do it all on a level playing field. if we did it on a level playing field, the crews and workers and people here in southern california would always win outs because we have the best in the world. the only way -- and the only wad that the crews and thehe infrastructure in the united states can be competed with is
2:22 pm
by a government writing a check to somebody in order to equalize it. that's wrong. that's bad trade. that's not capitalism. >> new zealand taxpayers are being punished for this 'cause they have to pay for theseave subsidies. thank you, gavin. >> exactly. it all comes from somewhere. >> thank you, gone. you're an honorable man to criticize policies that bring you money. coming up, more privilege celebrated in hollywood in the most crass way.l >> oh, my god! >> next, if you're not privileged, you could lose yourg home [ male announcer ] she won't remember this, being carried in your arms... but after a morning spent in the caribbean, playing pirates with you in secret coves, an afternoon swimming with dolphins, finished with a movie watched against the setting n...
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your home is your castle. unless government officialsme decide they can do better thingv with your property the greater good. a law called eminent domain allows government to grab property to build highways andbl
2:27 pm
parks. however, lately more politicians are using eminent domain to grab people's land to help privilegeh developers. usually ones who give toed their political campaign. brian briggs from the philadelphia city paper who reports on this privilege runrep amuck in philadelphia. brian, what happened there? >> a gentleman named rick young, who has a nonprofit called thei community improvement association and he essentially lobbied a local council woman lb for funding and eminent domainf privileges to build a supermarket in impoverishedp neighborhood. he was also a political donor to that same council woman andhat simultaneously acted as a developer in that project and also owned land in that area. >> the council woman is janie blackwell. neither rick young nor janie blackwell would talk to us about
2:28 pm
any of this. they say they're just bringing in a supermarket to the area. it's a good thing. >> in this case, it was just handled poorly across the board. there were obvious ethical conflicts that the city knew about throughout this process. >> thank you, ryan, for bringing this to our attention.a >> no problem, thank you.: politically connectedthntio developers win, but what about the people who own property where the settlement with the development is supposed to go. one man own has studio that the government plans to tear down there and they offered you money for it. they offered you $600,000.i >> oh, yeah. unfortunately, the building was up for sale for 2.2 million. so the sweatw equity into the property. i built ten rooms there. three spaces that are fully livable. i had a visiting artist studio. >> this is serious -- your stuff is in museums. >> i have five pieces in the philadelphia art museum and in e 20, 25 museums around the country and world.
2:29 pm
>> so the government says, well, t we need a supermarket more. >> fine. but i need my studio. you can have my property, but mu property was up for sale. they could have made me a decent offer for the space. >> why would they developer ma you an offer for $2 million if he can get his cronies to get i for 600,000? >> exactly. it's a land seize. >> today we got an answer from the philadelphia redevelopment authority. they said we have met with youre representatives and we are working toward a resolution thaa will accommodate both you, your needs, and the desire to bringu healthy nutritious food to a neighborhood. >> it's notn a food desert. >> it's not a food desert. >> michelle obama talks about these, too. this has been studied. there aren't food -- people live closer to more supermarket. >> that's the first thing. the second thing, the mantua
2:30 pm
community has more vacant lots than any other port of the city. they decided they wanted this parcel of land.d. >> there are lots of vacant lots. what's this about?ha >> it's about seizing the land for future development. i call it the secret plan. nobody knows what the plan is. >> about cronies helping other cronies? >> in philadelphia, it's called pay to play. >> thankg you, james. coming up, our next gueste will depend nepotism -- defend nepotism. really? >> that's because you spend money. >> oh, my god! >yç
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that's a clip from a new tv show "rich kids of beverly hills." these kids are spoiled,e
2:35 pm
privileged and they're not ashamed of it. i was raised by immigrant parents who told me we're giving you nothing.y you make it on your own. and that makes sense to me 'cause america is supposed to be a meritocracy. but i'm told i'm wrong.mpha adam isn author and of course he praises nepotism. you're the son of of a famous so author. so you're cheating. he gave yoyou a break. >> that's what you would think. actually my father was terrible at nepotism. he had no connections that were of any help to me.ion and even if he had -- >> come on, just the name? >> that's a different thing. i tried to become a writer in my 20s. i wasn't as talented as myec father, big surprise. so i went into a related line os work and the people that hired me felt that not just my name,
2:36 pm
but my background, my upbringing, the kind of education that i had, the values that i inherit from my father would make me a good fit in the publishing business. that turned out to be the case. >> whether we consider it to be fair or not, that somebody enjoys advantages because of their birth, we are quite prepared to take these cases one an individual basis. so if you're edsel ford and f you're not very good atar designing cars and someone gives you the keys to the factory ands you produce a car that nobody wants, you go down in history as an example of bad nepotism. >> but you then agree at least that the stupid tv show "the rich kids of beverly hills," that there is something gross about that? they're celebrating their wealte and being playboys. >> sure, i agree. that's what we call rags to ragw in three generations. >> what do you mean they go toan rags? they squander the money?o >> very often. that's all too common.n that is an historical pattern.
2:37 pm
it's a cliche for a reason.'s >> i like to think that the privilege that comes to nepotism would be taboo in government. but look at these headlines. at the energy department, nepotism is open and widely accepted. justice department employees. at least it was cited, but open at the energy department. that's disgusting. >> but it's a -- again, very old story in american politics. there has always been a feelinga in america that people in politics should be drawn there out of the spirit of public service. not because of some family tradition or family event. >> barbara bush, the wife of on president and mother of another said this about her son, jeb, running for president. >> no question in my mind that jeb is the best qualified person to run for president. but i hope he won't. clintons, bushes, there is more families than that. >> yeah, there are a millionj
2:38 pm
more families than that. it is remarkable that we often elect the children of famous politicians. the roosevelts, tafts, harrison, jfk became president and appointed his brother attorney general, other brother became senator. vice president al gore's father was a senator, too. the public says we don't like nepotism, but elect these guys. >> we publicly and in generalsas condemn it, but privately and. case by case basis we approve and it's in the new nepotism, the error, the successor has to prove his worth either before or after the fact. i think that barbara bush says she doesn't want a bush dynasty. it's too late. they already have one. >> on to hollywood where the kids, the famous people somehow get good roles themselves. actor will smith puts his kidslw in movies.
2:39 pm
>> never let somebody tell you that you can't do something. >> yeah, well. it's easier to do something if your father arranges it for you. >> hollywood is a kind of a family industry. there are not just in the actinw professions, but in directing, in stage craft --ng >> acting alone, drew barrymore the daughter of john.rym jerry and ben stiller, angelina jolie's father is jon voigt. the sheen family is interesting. martin sheen, charlie sheen, emilio essives. martin apparently was originally estevez, changed it to sheen. but martin and charlie are more famous than emilio. soou nepotism is work for them. >> nepotism works in hollywood.e americans are not an envious people. that is the hallmark ofat i americans. we're perfectly fine with
2:40 pm
michael douglas becoming a movie actor because he's talented. maybe the movie stars' kids have their parents' acting genes. >> maybe they really are good actors. but here is one more example of privileged that grosses me out 'cause it intrudes on my profession. the today show usedded to be a job you had to earn. but is this correspondent earn it? >> jen, a bush hagueor, goodave morning. good to see you.yo >> hager is her married name. jenna bush is one of george bush's daughter's. and didd chelsea clinton earn spot on a prime time magazineh news show? >> i'm really grateful to be here with you. you.'re happy to have >> thank you for the. opportunity. >> they have her interviewing people like paul mccartney's daughter. talk about their things. >> i love getting interviewed bb somebody who actually knows what it's like. >> give me a break.
2:41 pm
>> i agree.e >> it's unfair! >> you agree with this one? >> of course. my point is simply this, if people show that they have some ability once they've receivede some benefit, then in general,o the public is really fine, perfectly prepared to accept it. >> i'm not fine with those two women. but thank you, adam bellow.t th next, what happens when government tries to cut back on special privileges?p sometimes the people who have grown accustomed to their handsouts then one case entitles dairy farmers to truckloads of milk on the ground. ♪ ♪
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yes, the u.s. government is much too big and it's wrong that it gives so much money to the privileged class. but it could be our government consumes about 40% what we produce. plus the european government takes even e they give big bucks to all kinds of special interest groups. when that country goes broke, this happens.
2:46 pm
>> this is in greece where government controls more than half the economy. when they asked government workers to work longer 'cause they were going broke, people rioted. so all kinds of stuff is going on like this. britain gave $107 million to rolls royce? >> r and d in britain. rolls royce already manufactures a ton of y their products in as. >> french government not onlys subsidizes movies in france, but if we mention france? >> that's correct. there is an elaborate system ofe quotas and points and evaluations to look at movies' production plans, to study the script to see how much of it is spoken in french and if they qualify, there are very generous tax rebates and other forms of government help for these international movie industry. >> they spend a billion dollars on these subsidies.
2:47 pm
>> that's correct. they barely have two croissants to rub together in france, but a billion dollars, 700 million euros this year. >> and some of the tortured scripts that americans come upu with that qualify. here is a clip of one american movie that got the french subsidy because of dialogue liko this. >> on the count of three, you will be teleported through space and time to a bank in paris. one, two, three. >> that button activated the air duct that connects paris to las vegas. >> i don't think they meant to get to las vegas via paris. >> it is a fun movie. it has a french director. but it's an american english language caper movie. i went to see this a few months ago. i'm sitting this and watching this plot unfold with these scenes in paris and french characters appearing. i'm thinking to myself, there is no possible way this could have come about without someonethis thinking about the french subsidies and sure enough, at s
2:48 pm
the end of the film in the credits you see special thanks to to paris and other public movie subsidies. >> where does the big pot of money, the flies will come to the honey pot. there is a whole industry now in europe that helps people get the government money. >> in brussels especially where the e.u. subsidy pays 15 billioa euros a year. there are lots of private for-profit companies that now exist solely to advise businesses and individuals on how they can get >> some of the subsidy, hungarian firm got $560,000 torb develop hydrotherapy for dogs.e >> that's correct. hydrotherapy for dogs. the wwf, world wifelife fund also got 16,000 euros for effectively a nature appreciation program for italian farmers. >> other farmers got them to reconsider their relationship with the landscape and become
2:49 pm
more aware of their emotional reactions to it.of t >> yes. the wwfct got this money basicay to help farmers commune with>> t nature. this was deemed a worthwhile use of european taxpayer money. >> those farmers are italy-austria. once these subsidies exist, it's hard to get rid of them. we showed you the riots in greece, although greece has now finally made some cuts. inin france, farmers are one privileged class. when they decided to allow morew milk production, farmers poured their milk on the ground inon protest. once you get your goodies, you get angry if someone wants to take it away.c >> exactly. this is what happens whent farmers get upset and it's a pretty regular occurrence in europe. >> and some of thecu other tax subsidies, germany gives tax privilege status to companiesrm
2:50 pm
involved in development of culture, animal protection, sports, dog sports? >> aero modeling and dog sports. if you're a cat lover, you're out ofu luck. >> people are okay with this? >> not necessarily. your creditors aren't necessarily okay with it asnot we've seen in the last few years. but to be perfectly honest, it's actually hard to not find a way to get a subsidy in europe.a i guess people seem okay with ia because a lot of times if youdy try hard enough, there is moneys in it for you.d >> this is a bad -- thank you. coming up, a novel way to cureso the culture of special privilegy in washington. >> let's move the capitol toi nebraska.
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today for the first time, most of the richest counties in america surround washington,ches d.c.c. >> it's because money goes to where people can grant you special privileges.e and the rich get even richer. in washington, even supposedlyig underpaid workers build offices that resemble palaces. this is a teachers unionnio headquarters. we're told it's worth $100 million. it's atrium is called ano environmental oasis. it's impresssive, but they didn't want us to take pictures of it.
2:55 pm
can't just take a picture of the beautiful atrium? they told me to wait outside while union officials debated whether we could videotape. >> we read about the beautiful lobby and i'd like to show it to the viewers. they said no. we couldn't tape inside. i wouldn't care about their grand building if they created wealth. but the privileged in washington don't create much value. they just feed off the people who do.l as government grow, the problema gets worse. what might be done about that? >> the way to cure the incredible ineffectiveness and dysfunction of both parties in washington, remove the capitolh to nebraska and leave the lobbyists and the influencelob peddlers back east. >> that's an idea from nebraska's ben, who is running for the senate there. ben, it's cute commercial, but why would less privilege bee. handed out if congress were inr nebraska. >> congress means meeting. it's 435 house members and 100ka
2:56 pm
senators. we need to leave this permanent bureaucracy and the lobbyistsaur behind. >> but they would follow the capitol to nebraska.nd. >> what we need to obviously recognize thatat incremental tweaking isn't going to fix thec crisis we have.won' you're right. a river of money flows to washington right now. we need to be talking fundamentally about what are th limited number of constitutional duties that the federal government has. this is adti mess. >> now, your commercial is called the outside area. come on, you were chief of stafe at the u.s. department of justice. chief of staff to a representative. you had a consulting contract with the department of homeland security. you were an assistant secretarye for planning at hhs. you have only been out of washington a few years. a you're just another insider.i >> yeah. it's a fair question, but it's not reality. you're right. i have worked in washington for about four private sector guy and my wife
2:57 pm
and i are raising our three kids less than a mile from where ie grew up in nebraska. you think washington is where values are created? we don't believe that in nebraska. it's small towns in? nebraska ad think thene founders believed tt everybody should think that ofon their state 'cause the private sector is the heart of america. >> there is nothing small town about this new expensive law medicare part d. you wrote an op ed in u.s. news and world report. why it's the answer to health reform. this is another exploding entitlement program that favorsr the privileged, my age group, which is a wealthier than your age group. you're giving us more money. >> you're certainlyg right. we're guilty of generational theft right now in america and l have always opposed unfunded entitlement expansions. the one -- >> this oneen is unfunded entitlement expansion. >> absolutely. and i have opposed it from the beginning. but what part d has that parts a
2:58 pm
and b don't is at the very least, part b has a markedhani mechanism as opposed to bureaucratting setting them by fiat. every entitlement is a mistakef and we need to get back toa budget honesty. >> it's good to hear you sayu that. thank you.y. g it's anoo interesting idea, movg the capitol away from washington. but i don't known what good iti would the favor seekers, lobbyists would just move to the new capitol. congressman grayson says it is the lobbyists who are the real problem. >> it's not the congressmen. it's thegr lobbyists. they're the royalty of washington, d.c who made it that way? >> you congressmen made it that way by passing all these laws. >> there is that argument. but i'll tell you that the realt royalty is not b in washington, d.c. >> he says it's on wall street. it's true, there is much more money there.t's but what he and other politicians don't get is that government is forced. no matter how rich some wallw street tycoon gets, he can't force you to do anything. there are only two ways to do
2:59 pm
things in voluntarily, that's the best --n or by force. washington is more dangerous because it can source people to give money and privileges to their cronies. they force us to subsidize farmers, grain energy, racer tracks, congressional staff. you don't think you're forced? try not paying your taxes. if you don't pay, they'll put you in jail. i don'tll really care if willn smith puts his son, jaden, in his movies or drew barrymoore was in ." t." 'cause her dad was a famous actor. i don't care because we weren't forced to pay for those movies. people volunteer toop give money to them. i do.o but government is forced. that's why it's evil andt government gets bigger and bigger and gives even more special privileges to the people behind that velvet contributors and their cronies, another reason to shrink the 3th
3:00 pm
1/2 trillion dollars beat thatin that is washington. that's our show. see you next week. hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm greg gutfeld. glad you're with us. lots happening now. top of the news, extreme winter weather continues and now a brand-new storm is brewing out there. we're going to tell where you it's headed. workers on a major auto maker rejecting a plan to unionize. now union officials say they may challenge those results. >> and the gop has a new warning about obamacare and some potential cuts to medicare. what could it mean for seniors with serious health concerns? our political panel is hear


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